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July 7, 2014

Adding a new sprayer head to the watering system

Plants grow well here in the Phoenix, Arizona area, but it gets REALLY hot in the summer, so water is critical. I just added a new sprayer head for the watering system yesterday and am doing a bit of refining this morning. The goal is, of course, to water the plants, not the walls, or the sidewalks.

This is a typical low-pressure *drip system*. The 1/2-inch trunk line runs all the way around the garden, towards the back, and is buried in the gravel just a few inches down. So, if I need to add a new sprayer, I can get to the trunk line easily, insert the new sprayer head, and then push the gravel back in place.

This is an adjustable sprayer, and it looks like it's doing fine. As you can see, the idea is to keep the area along the wall dry, and not have the spray hitting the sidewalk. Well, there are a few drops, but that's OK. This is all ordinary, do-it-yourself stuff from Home Depot, by the way.

I planted a lot of small stuff here, but mostly I am interested in getting the cannas (at left) growing back strongly into this area. Water makes all the difference here in the desert!
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