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October 8, 2017

The first step to planting petunias - digging the hole

I'll be planting petunias again this year and I've begun the first step - digging the hole. I will be getting one gallon plants this year because last year the tiny six-pack plants did terrible. Early October is still pretty hot here.

In the past I've rushed over to Home Depot, purchased a whole bunch of plants and was in a big hurry to get them in the ground. This year I'm going to take it slower. And that's why I've dug the hole this morning, even though I haven't gone shopping yet.

In a longish life, I've planted a lot of plants from one-gallon pots so I have a pretty good idea how big the hole should be. So I dug the hole, and put the dirt in a bag that maybe I can use later. The hole will be filled with the new plant, and surrounded with fresh potting soil. That will give the plant its best chance to form new roots before they need to start struggling through the heavier clay soil of Arizona.

This spot is also strategic for my first plant this season as it's close to my east-facing wall. That means that it gets some morning sunlight, but not so much that it will dry out. I will wait another week before I dig the next hole, as it will need to be along the south-facing part of the garden, which is the sunniest and hottest. It will be great for blooms in the winter, but still too hot right now.

OK, the hole is dug. Now all I need is a one gallon petunia plant! I'll be looking for purple, or white blooms this year.
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