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March 29, 2017

Making your backyard look like a luxury resort - with an umbrella and artificial turf

Before I had artificial turf put in my backyard, I had no furniture out there. Furniture on top of grass kills it, and you have to move the furniture out of the way to mow, and water. So I had no furniture for years and years. I had a chair up on the patio, but that's about it.

After the artificial turf was in place (yes, I had it installed by professionals, and that's why it looks so great, even after ten years), I found myself leaving my chair on it. It took me a while for my little brain to figure out that furniture wouldn't "kill" the artificial turf. Then not long after that I got a table, and some chairs. And the finishing touch was an umbrella.

Last year I invested in a way cool "tiki" umbrella. Before that I've had less expensive types, but even the simplest umbrella will make your backyard looks like a luxury resort. It's an amazing effect.

So if you're thinking of creating the effect of a luxury resort, get some lawn furniture out there. And let's be clear on this, I'm not talking about Patio Furniture, you know the kind that looks like it should be in your living room, costs a fortune, and needs to be covered to keep dust off of it. I mean lawn furniture - stuff you can leave out in the rain. My lawn furniture is made of aluminum, it's meant to be outside, in the sun, in the rain. I can clean it off with a hose.

But whatever you do, don't skip the first part, and think that paving your backyard is going to work. If you live anywhere with nice weather, it will just turn your backyard into a glaring inferno. I've seen places like that, and it's a shame. Anything over 60 degrees is just awful, and that's when you want to be out there.

So get some artificial turf, get some lawn furniture, and get an umbrella. Wiener dog optional, but also highly recommended.
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