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October 16, 2016

How to bring the wonderful smell of jasmine into your house for free

If you have Arabian Jasmine (sometimes called Night Blooming Jasmine) in your garden, you know how wonderful it smells. Of course it doesn't just bloom at night, but that seems to be when it's the most noticeable. And you can bring that fragrance indoors!

All you gotta do is to trim off some branches, being sure to find ones that have blooms that are about to open (they look round and puffy). Cut the branches long enough to reach into the bottom of a vase (or a plastic cup from Walmart, which is what I used), and trim off the bottom leaves (they would rot in the water).

Then put it on a windowsill where it can catch a bit of a breeze. It will start to bloom right away, and smell great! As the blooms are spent, and fall off, float them on the water, where they will continue to be wonderfully fragrant. I did the trimming yesterday, and as you can see, the blooms are opening. This should last a few days.

It costs nothing, and you had to trim the plant anyway. And did I mention how wonderful it smells?
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