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June 20, 2016

Why I don't want solar panels reflecting into my backyard

It got to 118 degree yesterday in my backyard, and as I was pondering my view, which includes the back of my neighbor's house, I was so glad that they didn't have solar panels.

I'll admit it, I hate seeing solar panels on the roofs of houses. I guess I'm a snob, but I don't like to see satellite dishes, or radio towers, or anything like that when I look out over my backyard. And since I live in Phoenix, I especially don't want to see solar panels glaring back at me.

It's hot enough here in the summer without having a neighbor's roof filled with mirrors making it even hotter. Yeah, I get it, it saves them money. But as their neighbor, I should have rights, too!

If you're a history buff, you know that the city of Los Angeles outlawed oil wells within the city limits long ago. They were not only smelly, but an eyesore. Yep, Los Angeles sits on more oil than Texas! But the people of Los Angeles didn't want to see the oil wells, or smell them.

Here in Phoenix, the problem is reflecting heat. In areas like downtown Phoenix, which has a LOT of glass (read: mirrors), the heat is amplified. And solar panels are mostly mirrored glass.

No, it's not a conspiracy, man. I'm not being paid by the companies that generate electricity. I just would rather not see glaring mirrors reflecting even more heat into my backyard. Luckily, my neighborhood isn't that "progressive", so I have no real worries. For people who live with solar panels glaring into their yards, I extend my sympathy, and hope that the laws will catch up soon!
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