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May 17, 2016

How to clean up a miniature agave

I have a lot of agaves here at the Tropical Paradise. Most of them are miniatures, and they do best with a little bit of shade. My trees provide the shade, but unfortunately, the trees also provide birds, which provide, well, you know. So the agaves need to be cleaned. Not just of bird poop, but of leaves, and just general dirt and crud.

This Agave potatorum cv. Kichiokan is quite a little gem, and it deserves to be cleaned up! Luckily, all you need is a water squirt bottle and an old toothbrush.

Set the bottle to shoot a sharp stream and blast the leaves. Or are those fronds? Anyway, get the toothbrush in there and brush. Then squirt, then brush. Then squirt. And squirt. This one took me about ten minutes to clean up.

No, it won't be absolutely perfect, but it will look a whole lot better!
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