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March 5, 2016

How, and why, to add coffee grounds to your garden in the desert

If you have a desert garden, and you make coffee, you may be throwing away something that can be very valuable to your plants, coffee grounds.

Of course if all you have is native plants, it's not necessary, but if you have plants like cannas, which like the soil to be a little bit more acidic, then it's a great amendment. In fact, when I planted my cannas years ago I got several bags of coffee grounds from my local Starbucks (they're glad to give it away, as it just goes into the trash), and I amended my soil with it.

Nowadays I just keep a container next to my coffee maker, and instead of throwing the coffee grounds away, I dump them in there. Then I sprinkle it out into the garden, especially now while I'm thinning the cannas and can see a lot of ground, add some potting soil, water in, and the cannas love it.

It looks like it's gonna be another great season!
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