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November 12, 2015

Why you should plant white-blooming petunias in Phoenix, Arizona

It's November and here in the Phoenix, Arizona area, it's time to plant annuals. I've done it most years lately, just because it's so cool to see flowers bloom all winter. And this year I'll be planting petunias again, especially with white flowers. There is a reason for that.

Petunias grow like mad here. If you plant them a foot or so apart from six-packs, they will all grow together into a beautiful tropical-looking ground cover. But wait, it gets better. If you get the ones with white blooms, you'll get a bonus at night.

White flowers absolutely sparkle at night, especially if you have Malibu lights. And since the days are shorter in the winter, it's a good idea to think about how your nighttime garden will look.

I am also planting white-blooming cyclamen, for the same effect. It should look amazing in about a month. I'll let you know.

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