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November 1, 2015

November in the desert garden - recognizing bulb shoots

One of the nice things about planting bulbs here in the Phoenix, Arizona area is that they return year after year. It's November 1st and I'm seeing daffodils (above) and freesia return. By the way, if you planted your bulbs in September, you should be seeing the same thing. And it's important to recognize these tiny shoots, especially if you're a gardener who is always on the lookout for weeds!

Freesia shoot in November, Phoenix, Arizona.

You should see strong growth through the winter. Keep in mind that the plants won't have flowers until Spring, so you will be seeing only foliage for several months. And that's part of the reason I've selected the bulbs that I have here, based on foliage. I've tried other bulbs, but if the foliage looks weedy, well, you have to look at it for months, and I don't like that. I recommend daffodils and freesia. And if you're from back east, no you don't need to lift these bulbs, or chill them, or do anything. Just plant them and let them grow. I've had daffodils here for over ten years, and they just keep coming back.

It's actually kind of fun to see the tiny shoots begin, which happens about this time of year. And it's another reason that I don't want people to step into the garden (at all!) or get carried away with the RoundUp.

So take the time to recognize these shoots. The freesia looks a lot like a weed when it just starts growing, so be careful. If you don't recognize them right away, don't worry, you will. They will become as familiar as old friends who return year after year!
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