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November 15, 2015

How, and when to plant petunias in the Phoenix, Arizona area

The time to plant petunias in the Phoenix, Arizona area is just before winter. And if that sounds crazy to you, consider how beautiful the weather is here from November through April. I grew up in Minneapolis, and winter is spring here. Really. So you can plant petunias from November through January. You can plant them a little later than that, but remember that this is the desert, and they will die when the heat of the summer returns.

There are a few considerations whenever you're planting anything here that isn't a cactus. First of all, you need potting soil. Just plopping petunias into the clay soil of your backyard in Phoenix ain't gonna make it. I dig a generous-sized hole, and fill it with potting soil. I also add some polymer moisture crystals and some dry fertilizer. Yes, even my petunias get royal service, like all of my plants. I figure it costs me more in potting soil, and fertilizer, than the petunias themselves, but that's OK, all I want is for my plants to bloom and grow.

Seeing annual flowers blooming in the winter is just wonderful. I haven't lived in Minnesota since I was a teenager (which was quite a while ago) but I still marvel at the weather in Phoenix in the winter.

And it gets even better. Phoenix traditionally gets light rains in the cooler months (I call them Christmas rains). So go plant those petunias, water them in well, and sit back, watch the rain, and look forward to winter blooms!
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