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November 9, 2015

Having your trees trimmed by professionals

Part of what makes my neighborhood so nice is that there are trees. And I have a couple of nice big olive trees here that shade my house and make it possible for me to grow the types of tropical plants that I have. This is the Phoenix area, after all, where the temperatures get into the 100s in the summer. Shade is precious!

As I write this, I'm having my trees trimmed. I saw these guys trimming my neighbor's trees a few years ago, and I like them. My only instruction to them is to "do a good job", and they will. They will trim away where the branches have gotten too close to the roof of my house, and where they're overhanging towards my neighbor's property.

I've been in this house for over twenty years, and the trees have started to "fly" over the house. That is, they're taller than the house, and the trunks are kept clean. They have become a perfect canopy of dappled shade.

I have no way of measuring how much all of this shade saves me in air conditioning bills, but it's gotta be a lot. I figure the savings covers the cost of having them trimmed like this. And even if it's just half of that, the beauty of the trees, and the way they cool the yard, is well worth the investment.

If you're lucky enough to have a property with trees, I strongly advise you to care for them. And give them a hug!
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