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October 4, 2015

October to March in Arizona - the best weather on planet earth

After another VERY hot summer, it's finally October here in Arizona. And that means for the next six months it will be the best weather on planet earth. This is, as you'd imagine, tourist season, and the Chamber of Commerce isn't kidding. I've lived here for over twenty years and it's just glorious. There will be the bluest skies that you can imagine, the cleanest and freshest air, and just plain nice weather. We do get some small gentle rains, like we had early this morning, but they're rare, and they don't last long. Here's the forecast: Nice. And definitely no snow!

This is annual flower season here. In the past I've made the mistake of planting too early, in September, but now I'm gonna wait until Monday (tomorrow, October 5th) to plant annual flowers. And I've already decided that this year will be white petunias. I will punch them in all around the garden.

If you plant annual flowers now, they will be beautiful and in bloom all through the winter and early spring, until it starts getting hot again in late April. For an old Minnesotan like me, that never fails to impress me. It just seems an awful waste of such gorgeous weather not to plant annuals!

By the way, if you're wondering if there's any trick to growing annuals in the Phoenix, Arizona area, there isn't. Go get 'em, plant 'em, water 'em. And buy a LOT of them. I've noticed that six-packs have gone up from 99 cents to $2.19 in my lifetime, but it's still a great bargain.

Did I mention that the weather here is beautiful?! Now go plant some annuals.

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