Growing tropical-looking plants in the Phoenix, Arizona area. With a wiener dog.

July 25, 2015

Growing night blooming Jasmine in Phoenix, Arizona

If you're not growing night-blooming Jasmine (commonly called Arabian Jasmine) in the Phoenix area, you're missing out on a lot of beauty, and fragrance.

They are easily found at your local Home Depot, and you can get a one-gallon plant that will do great. As always with tropical plants, plant it in a hole filled with good potting soil (buy the good kind - it will cost more than the plant, probably!) and give it a place where it can get a little shade once in a while. These are not full sun plants in Phoenix, although they can take a lot. If you're gonna plant it in a pot, get a big one.

Be sure to get the right kind. Night blooming Jasmine has white flowers, not pink. Or you could just sniff a flower right there at Home Depot to be sure it's the right kind. Believe me, you'll know, those tiny white flowers have an amazing smell! And when you get that plant home, and grown, it will send that wonderful fragrance out at night. It's kind of amazing.

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