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July 5, 2015

A trick to cycling indoor plants between your house and your greenhouse

Some climates are great for indoor plants, but Phoenix isn't one of them. Climates that are humid, and that allow you to keep the windows open for much of the year, are best. Unfortunately in Phoenix, air conditioning is a necessity and it tends to dry out plants very quickly. But if you're fortunate enough to have a greenhouse, like a friend of mine does, there is a neat treat to do, and it's the same thing that fancy resorts do - cycling.

A greenhouse will allow you to keep your plants healthy, or to allow them to regain their health after being in your house. The trick, of course, is to just move them back and forth. This takes some effort, and some ability to haul stuff, but my friend, who is an engineer, does it all of the time. In fact, the centerpiece on his dining room table is always a orchid in bloom. He has several, and cycles them into the house when they're at their best, and back into the greenhouse to recover. Of course when you visit, you would never suspect that.

If you don't have the luxury of a greenhouse, the next best thing is a spare bathtub, which is where I am rehabbing some plants for a friend of mine. And it's the same concept. Give them water and food, trim them and give them a chance to recover a bit before bringing them back out into the harsh environs of a living room.

The sad reality of indoor plants is that most all people are seeing is the plant slowly dying. It looked great at the store, fresh from its greenhouse, and despite all efforts, it just starts to look terrible. It's kind'a like buying a bouquet of flowers, to be enjoyed for a short time. But a living plant can recover. And while it would be nice if I had a greenhouse, I'll see what I can do for these plants in the bathtub!
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