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May 28, 2015

Covering a tree stump with Cape Honeysuckle

Because a young idiot (me) planted a tree way too close to the wall in my backyard twenty years ago, I had to have it removed a couple of years ago. It was at risk of falling over, and taking the wall with it when it did! It wasn't terribly expensive to have removed, and I had them leave the stump, as I figured I could hide it.

I tried hiding it with rocks, but it never looked quite right, so this year I planted some Cape Honeysuckle near it. Cape Honeysuckle grows very quickly and can be trimmed back to a nice bushy shape, as you can see. It grows quickly, and will soon cover up that stump as I *comb it over*.

This summer should be the last I see of the tree stump, and the last time that I'm reminded of what an idiot I was. Well, I was young! Live and learn.

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