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January 9, 2015

Creating a space in the winter sun in the garden in Phoenix, Arizona

I have to admit that for most of the time I've lived in this house, I've neglected an area that I call *the Outback*. I kind'a pretended that you couldn't see it, and even when I started planting stuff, I intended it to be just a background. But people insisted on going back there, especially in the winter. And the reason is simple, it's the only place in my backyard in the winter with any sun - and besides, there are some cool plants back there to look at.

So I have added more space for people to walk in the winter sun. As you can see, it's a tiny space, barely enough room to squeeze by, and certainly no room for chairs, or anything like that. But I laid two nice big pieces of flagstone today and planted an African Spear (that's the tall *spear-looking* plant there next to the flagstone). These plants grow out sideways, so it won't go out over the place where people stand, and it has all the room in the world to grow sideways It's not as close as it looks in the photo, but it's pretty close. It should stand as a sentry, discouraging casual stepping into the garden, where there are, in addition to small plants, the watering and misting heads, which can be easily damaged by even a slight kick.

The shade line on the flagstone, by the way, indicates that it's January. As the year progresses, that line will move closer and closer to the wall, as the sun rises higher in the sky every day. By summer this area will be in shade again from the tree. But for now, it's an inviting sunny winter spot!
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