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November 1, 2014

Pods on palm tree opening for flowers

It's November 1st here at The Tropical Paradise and I noticed that my palm trees are flowering again this year. Usually they do this in the spring, but it's been exceptionally rainy and warm this season, so I guess they think it's spring again. The weather sure is nice this morning!

Anyway, if you're seeing some mysterious-looking *pods* growing on your palm tree, relax. It's perfectly natural, and it's a sign of a robust and healthy tree. These are its flowers.

I usually wait until the pod opens, like this, and then I snip it off at the base. Palm tree flowers are not ugly, but they're not particularly attractive, in my opinion. While I'm doing this, I'll also do some more trimming to the stubs left on the trunk. Oddly enough, these stubs continue to grow after the fronds are cut off.  I just take some sharp cutters and snip them off. I have left space to get to this tree between it and the wall, so I don't have to step into the garden, and disturb the cannas.

OK, I'll go get busy now!
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