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September 9, 2014

Trimming a Mediterranean Fan Palm

I finally did a serious trim on my Mediterranean Fan Palm yesterday and today. I liked the bushy shape, but I had noticed that many of the leaves were dragging on the ground, looking ratty. So I risked life and limb (those things are sharp!) and trimmed away quite a bit. By the way, if you have anybody trimming a med palm, be sure to stand by with the bandages, and a couple of extra bucks!

Of course, it will grow back even stronger and fuller now, but I am going to try to keep the leaves from getting too low. Just a matter of personal preference, I guess. And then I discovered something that always happens when I do this type of trimming, I have opened up a new planting area.

Before I trimmed the bottom leaves off, I couldn't see the area at its base, which looks kind'a ratty now. Of course, it's an opportunity for more planting, and I have already put in a couple of Agave Parryis. The trick here is to plant things that require no maintenance, like these agaves. From a design standpoint, it's a good idea to do a contrasting color, and the light blue of these agaves works well in this space. I may get some more and sprinkle them around. They remain fairly small, and don't pup much.

Agave parryi
Towards the front of this area (I call it an *apron*) I have daffodils which have been returning every year. In the summer they fade away, but as soon as the temperature starts to dip a little, and we get some rain, they grow back, blooming in December and January.

I've sprayed Roundup on the weeds and will go get some leaf mulch from the front courtyard, just to even things up.
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