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September 5, 2014

Hiding a tree stump

Many years ago, a young idiot (me) planted a tree waaay too close to the wall. A couple of years ago, I paid to have the tree removed. I like trees, but this one was at risk of falling, and taking my nice block wall with it. It had to go.

I didn't pay extra for stump removal, and I figured that I could cover it up with rocks or something. Everything that I tried has failed, so I'm going to cover it up with a plant - cape honeysuckle. You know, like a comb-over.

Cape honeysuckle is a wonderful, fast-growing tropical-looking plant that can be kept at just about any size you want. The one on the right (behind the cycad) has been here since right after I bought the house, and I keep it a couple of feet tall and about six feet wide. The new one, in front of the stump, I got it as a one-gallon at Lowe's and I cut off most of the foliage. I am going to want this plant to grow in a bushy way. Once it's established, it will be in front, and over the stump, and that's all I want. I keep the area next to the wall clear and wide enough to allow access (it's barely a foot there), so that should be about perfect for covering up the stump.

I'll let you know how it goes.
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