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August 3, 2014

Flanking the flagstone

Now that I've fixed the main problem, which was the sinking of this edge of the artificial turf, I am starting to integrate it into the garden. I call this *flanking*. This is where flagstone becomes a big jig-saw puzzle.

As you can see, I've made some progress with the left flank, starting by finding pieces of flagstone that look good along the front edge, and then filling in the spaces with what I call *key stones*. Right now I'm not convinced about that very left edge, may put in another key stone there.

The goal here is to create a solid walking space that also has a visual clear indication where you shouldn't walk, which is what the bigger stones are about. The flagstone is just laid dry, and I will walk on it, and insure that everything is secure, and no *teeter-totter*. Grout will have to wait until later, and it is really just decorative, anyway. If the flagstone isn't sitting correctly, no amount of grout will help.

And here it is this afternoon. Both flanks are in, and there was a gentle rain to help set the grout. Iris will grown back along the leading edge, but in the meantime I have placed a nice-looking piece of Arizona Petrified Wood, that I bought at The Top of the World, for visual interest.

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