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August 26, 2014

Controlling those nasty, stinging, red ants in your garden

It's August 26th and it looks like the heavy rains are over for the season here in the desert. That means that the ground is soft, and it won't be very long until it's September, which is planting season for annuals and bulbs here.

Unfortunately, this type of weather brings out nasty, stinging, red ants. I call them all Fire Ants, but an expert of mine corrected me and gave me the correct description. I have forgotten the actual name of these tiny red ants that sting so badly, but all I want to do is to get them out of here.

At the risk of sounding like a commercial, sprinkle Amdro all over your garden. Go to Home Depot, spend about twenty bucks, and be sure to get granules. Then sprinkle it all over your garden, like you were sprinkling parmesan cheese on spaghetti. Be generous. I've been doing it for twenty years here at The Tropical Paradise and only missed one season, when I was unable to do much, because of an accident. And wow, what a difference when I missed that application! My little wiener dog's belly and legs were all stung up and red, and when I went to do some planting, I got attacked by the nastiest, most painful little stings I've ever had.

I apply Amdro twice a season, once after the rainy season ends (which is right now), and again when everything is growing strong, in late spring. I always keep plenty on hand. If you've run out, go to Home Depot and get some more. I'll come along with you, I could some more myself!
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