This blog is about growing tropical-looking plants in the Phoenix, Arizona area

July 21, 2014

The best place in the yard for tropical plants in Phoenix, Arizona

The best place in the yard for tropical plants in the Phoenix, Arizona area is along an east-facing wall. I call this *prime real estate* and it's where my dioon garden is. It's about six feet wide and there are stepping stones that allow me to get behind it (next to the wall) for trimming, weeding etc.

What makes this particular piece of real estate even better for tropical plants is that there is a tree nearby, which adds a little bit of dappled shade in the morning, even before the shade from the house reaches this area. Phoenix is HOT and shade is critical to have this type of garden. If you try to put these plants out in full sun, they will die, or at the very least, look pretty ratty.

My experience here is that the very worst place to plant is along a western, or southern, exposure. And surprisingly, a northern exposure is bad, as it can get cold in the winter here in the desert, and tropical plants don't like cold, even just about freezing.

It's about 105 degrees F here right now, but these plants are doing fine. In addition to living in the prime real estate area, they get misted several times a day, and watered every 48 hours. And that's just the automatic system. I go out regularly with a large watering can, with Miracle-Gro added, and water any plant that looks like it could use a little more water.

These high temperatures will continue through August, and it will start to cool down a bit in September. You know, below 100 degrees!
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