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July 1, 2014

Rooting sago palm pups

I have to admit that my success rate with getting the pups from my sago palms to root has been very poor. I'm sure I've done everything right, applied rooting hormone, put them in free-draining pumice and sand.

I sent an email to one of the best cycad experts in the country, bemoaning my failures, and since he has a greenhouse, I asked if it necessary. He said no. And he's doing it just a few miles away from me, in the Phoenix, Arizona area, so it isn't a climate thing.

I just went out into the courtyard and did an inspection of one of the pups that has been there for about two years. I don't see any roots, do you? That's just a piece of string there, by the way.

So, I pushed it back in and will leave it alone. Time will pass, and maybe I'll live long enough to see this become a plant!

Water once a week, if in the Phoenix area, where it's hot in summer! Otherwise, monthly.
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