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June 4, 2014

Simple garden furniture

I just replaced the two chairs in my backyard. They really don't look all that much different from the ones I've had there for the last four years, and they're simple and inexpensive, and that's just the point.

I bought this furniture to be easily replaced. Remember that garden furniture lives outside. It gets rained on, the sun hits it, birds poop on it, etc. If you've made the mistake of putting furniture that really belongs in your living room outside, I recommend that you look up. There's no roof there.

This type of chair is the kind with the netting that allows water to flow through. I've noticed that they've improved this type of design, and the material feels a little softer. Also, the material doesn't just suddenly stop at the edges, where the old chairs were fraying, it wraps around.

You may also notice that I have my chairs and table on *the grass*. Well, the artificial turf. It took me a long time to realize that I could put furniture out there, and it wouldn't kill *the grass*. If you're gonna do this, I strongly recommend getting chairs like these with the circular bases, as regular chairs dig in, and could damage the artificial turf.

Overall, I'm happy with this setup. I got the chairs from Target, and the table from Walmart.
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