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June 1, 2014

Removing cannas from a transitional zone

Now that I'm digging around and fixing leaks in the misting system, I am again taking a hard look at what works, and what doesn't work, where. And I've noticed that while the canna has multiplied, and grown into a transitional area, in the summer, it really looks sad. So I tore a whole bunch out this morning.

I call this area a *transitional zone* because while it gets afternoon shade, it gets it later than where the cannas are closer to the house. Yes, it's only a few feet, but it really matters. And that block wall there, which faces south, makes this area even more deadly in the summer - brutal heat!

My thought is to create a small aloe garden area here, using a miniature agave as the center. I don't want anything sharp coming anywhere near the pathway, so I will be careful not to plant it too close to the walkway, and that I plant a miniature agave, not kind that will get huge. Knowledge is power!

I will be giving away the canna bulbs (there must be about 50!) to a friend of mine who has kindly donated plants to me over the years, and hopefully will continue doing so. I'll let you know how it goes.
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