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May 24, 2014

Some tips for writing your own garden blog

A blog just means a web log. That is, a journal. I've been writing in this journal for several years now, and find it very therapeutic. Like the other blogs I write, I hope that it helps me to communicate with people of similar interests to mine, and give my friends a break from having to listen to me talk about this stuff.

Anyway, I won't go into details on how to create a blog technically, I will just recommend that you use Google Blogger (which is what this is), and then just follow their directions. Yeah, you gotta create a name, and set up a password and all of that stuff. It's annoying, but you just have to do it once.

My background is as a Graphic Designer and teacher, and I do appreciate it when someone explains things in as concise a manner as they can. Many times I'll go back to try to remember something that I've done in the garden, and if I find the prose style annoying, I make a note to make it clearer the next time I write. Here is what I suggest:

• Don't rant, or ramble. Sure, it's your blog, you can write what you want. But if you want anyone to actually read it, don't behave like an idiot. Be an adult. Be nice. Be cheerful.

Kentia Palm from +Kevin Williams 
• Remember that the web is the real world. If you have a complaint against a company, writing to them is the thing to do, not writing about them in a blog. That being said, if you are happy with a company, then by all means mention them by name. If they're smart enough to have a Google+ page, like +Easy to Grow Bulbs, Inc. or +Kevin Williams it makes it even easier for me to promote them, and I know that they actually want to be promoted. If they don't have a web page, or anything, then respect their privacy. Many people do not want to have their names mentioned on the web. I respect privacy.

• Keep the posts fairly short. If your post goes on for paragraph after paragraph, one glance will make people think, *too long, don't want to read*. Of course, it shouldn't be too short either. There is no point creating a blog post just to say that it's a beautiful day. That's a Tweet. Oh, and by the way, have only one or two photos. Pick out the best ones.

There you go, write a blog.  Like I said, it's very therapeutic for me. And hopefully it relieves some of the boredom my friends have to suffer, and instead shares information with people who have an interest in gardening!

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