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May 29, 2014

Repairs to the misting system trunk line

Some time ago, a young idiot (me) forgot where the misting system trunk line was, and started digging a hole for some plants. Unfortunately, this nicked the line, which caused it to fail yesterday. So I will do the repairs, and be sure to put rocks on top to clearly indicate to the older me not to dig there in the future!

Anyway, this is a high-pressure system, so there is no such thing as a *leak*. If any part fails, even a little bit, you will have a huge gusher of water spraying into the air. So it's important to do a solid repair.

You can see where I had done a repair earlier, using brass connections. I will do the same here, and just need to get them at Sine Hardware at 54th Avenue and Myrtle here in Glendale. If I can't find them there, I will brave Home Depot for them. It's a standard brass connector, so somebody in town will have it. The last one I got at Sine, and hopefully it's not one of those kind of things that gets *discontinued*. I have taken a photo of it, which I will bring along, and I'm pretty sure I'll get the standard look from the person helping me - that they had never seen a part like it before, but maybe we can look around. Or maybe someone will look at it and instantly say, *Sure! That's a Webley-Vickers 50.80!*

I have spare line in the garage, and will splice in about five inches of it. Once the connection is secure, I will test it, and leave it above ground for a while to keep an eye on it, and then I will bury it, and put a nice big rock on it!

Update - the next morning:

Success! Sine Hardware had exactly what I needed. And, yes, I got the blank stare and concerned look from one of the guys working there, but he got some help from another associate, who looked at the photo that I brought, walked right over to the correct area, and not only found the correct item, but showed me exactly how to install it.

So, it's a *Compression Union* and *Sleeve and Insert* for 3/8" plastic tubing. I am testing the system now - you can see the mist in the photo below, and it seems to be working fine. Cool.

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