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May 10, 2014

Morning sun on a north-facing wall

Although a sunny area is usually seen as cheerful, here in the Phoenix area, where it gets REALLY hot in the summer, it's a hazard to your plants.

It's May 9th, and as I was drinking my coffee this morning, I noticed something that will be happening from now until the after the summer solstice (mid June), the sun will be hitting the north-facing walls.

You might say, *it's only morning sun!*, but in Phoenix the morning sun can be brutal. And an area that has been in shade up to now will have to deal with the harshest summer sun in the world. Luckily, this area is also along an east-facing wall, and has a patio cover, but I will need to bring that Kentia palm back into the house pretty soon, or it will sunburn. Yes, even in early morning.

I really, really, hate the idea of setting up shade cloths, etc., but I may do something temporarily this year as this is the first time I've had plants on and around the Tiki bar. There are so many drawbacks to putting up shading. First the hassle of getting it and hanging it up, and then the fact that it gets dirty and dusty, and bangs in the wind if not properly nailed down. Nah, I'm not doing shade cloth. Or should I?

Everyone who lives here swears that each summer is worse than the one before, caused by too many people moving in, driving cars, building swimming pools. But hey, this is the Sonoran Desert - it's been this way for 10,000 years. I'll just have to adapt.
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