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May 20, 2014

Creating a focal point in the garden

All gardens have focal points. In fact, all spaces have them. It's simply a design term that means where the eye focuses right away. So, doing a focal point is not difficult, the trick to it is making the eye go where you want it to.

As I was sitting outside yesterday, I was noticing that the area right in front of me, while it was coming together nicely with the new agaves, was missing a focal point. So I put that piece of petrified wood, that I got at The Top of the World a few months ago, there.

The goal of a focal point is to draw the eye without being jarring. Since the petrified wood is a slightly different color, it does draw the eye. But it's not a plastic gnome or anything like that, that draws the eye and looks ridiculous. In fact, it looks even better up close.
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