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April 25, 2014

Repairs to the water line at The Tropical Paradise

I use a low-pressure *drip system* here at The Tropical Paradise. It is a simple 1/2" plastic trunk line that has emitters (nobody really uses drippers anymore) that water the plants. Compared to the regular pressure of the water pressure in the house, it is much less, but it's still a system under constant pressure. And when a connection fails, as I noticed this morning, it isn't a leak, it's a spray.

This morning I noticed *Fountain Hills* where there had been a connection done by a young man with really no experience with this kind'a stuff about twenty years ago (me). So I did a much better connection, using something that wasn't even available back then, these cool couplings that I get at Home Depot.

The first thing I did was to cut away the area to be repaired, and add a generous amount of new trunk line. This requires two couplings and a length of trunk line. I keep these couplings around, and spare trunk line, in the garage. This is a very robust system.

I will keep the repair above ground for a while to be sure that everything is OK, and then I will bury the line and put a nice big rock on it.
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