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April 30, 2014

Cannas in The Tropical Paradise

It's April 30th here in The Tropical Paradise and the cannas are just amazing. They've been here for several years but they have never had leaves this big that looked this good. I'm trying to figure out what went right this season.

As I recall, we had a very mild winter and it didn't really damage the cannas badly enough to require a *cut down to the nubs*, but I did it in February, anyway. I'm gonna have to remember to do that on a regular basis.

I also removed the Elephant Ears from this area. They grew well, almost too well, there, and it was a constant effort to keep them under control in a narrow area that's difficult for me to get to. So I replanted several elsewhere where there was more room and they're doing fine. And now this area belongs to the cannas.

I have doing regular application of Miracle-Gro fertilizer, poured on the roots, not on the leaves. The hard water in Phoenix makes nasty water spots, so no more pouring on the leaves. I have also stuck the plant food spikes in (both houseplant and for tomatoes) that I get at the Dollar Store. Need to get more of those!
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