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March 6, 2014

Trimming cape honeysuckle with a small hand hedge-trimmer

I have to admit that this little hand-held hedge trimmer works great on my cape honeysuckle. It's very small, as you can see, and it isn't one of those gigantic *makes a mess of everything* hedge trimmers which I hate so much. And, no, there's no cord.

It's March 6th and the cape honeysuckle is done blooming for the season. It will start to bloom again when the weather cools down, in September or October, but in the meantime I will be using my new little hedge-trimmer to keep the plant in shape. When the buds appear, I will be sure to switch over to regular pruners.

Cape honeysuckle does well in Phoenix. It has wonderful deep green tropical foliage, and isn't harmed by heat. And did I mention that it blooms in winter? I've had it for many years at The Tropical Paradise and my only complaint is that it does too well. These plants can take over an area and get very big, or, as in this case, they can be kept small. This plant, which is over 15 years old, I have kept to about two feet high and six feet wide.

Like my Worx blower, this trimmer is small and rechargeable. Nah, they don't pay me to say this, I'm just glad that they make this stuff. These are small tools for small areas, like the Tropical Paradise. Glad that they were thinking of me!
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