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February 22, 2014

Foxtail palm in Phoenix, Arizona

The Phoenix, Arizona area is no place for a Foxtail Palm (Wodyetia bifurcata). So when a friend of mine gave me this one several years ago, I accepted it (it would have rude not to) and then tried to give it away to all of my palm friends, none of whom accepted the offer. They knew that it's just too hot and dry here for this palm to thrive, and it needs a lot of space, as it does get tall. So I just left it in its original black plastic pot.

But somehow, it seems to thrive. After trying to give it away for a couple of years, I decided to keep it. I kept it in its original pot and sunk that into another pot, the one you see here. It grows slowly, but consistently, and it likes the shade of the olive tree. I'm guessing that accidentally (as is true with all of my successes here at The Tropical Paradise), I have given it exactly what it needs. I read recently that these plants like to be potbound, and this one definitely is.

I gave it some company recently of a nice little vining geranium, and there are some various aloes planted, too. It's not on an automatic watering system anymore, so I will have to hand-water it. There's a hose nearby, and I also bring out my plastic watering can, which holds a couple of gallons, to which I always add Miracle Gro plant food.

And there you go. This plant may not be wanted by anyone, but it has found a home, and is welcomed here.
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