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January 6, 2014

Where to plant daffodils in the desert

I wish I could take credit for anything that goes right here at The Tropical Paradise, but mostly I'm just guessing. Over the years I have planted a LOT of bulbs. Some were from the Dollar Store, some I bought online for big bucks. And over the years, some have faded from memory, and from the garden. But these daffodils keep coming back year after year, and bloom every January.

Since I've planted lots of bulbs, all over the place, I'd say that the three most important things are location, location, location. So, if you want to follow my lead, just plant bulbs all over the place and wait to see how they do. But I've drawn some conclusions as to the best place to plant them.

• Plant daffodils (narcissus) in a sunny area. If you live in the desert, like I do, that doesn't sound difficult, but it's surprising how shade moves from month to month. What might be sunny when you plant the bulbs in September may not be sunny when the flowers need to bloom four months later.

• Plant daffodils at the bottom of a slope. They like water, and if they dry out, they either look terrible, or die. Mostly they die. On the other hand, if they sit in way too much water, they will rot. The solution is to plant several along the slope. At some point, there will be a place that is just right.

I planted this bulb so many years ago, I can't remember. I've been writing this blog for many years, and they pre-date it. And that's part of what is so cool about bulbs, they come back year after year.
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