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January 3, 2014

Flowers that bloom in the winter in Phoenix, Arizona

If you're wondering what flowers bloom in the winter in the Phoenix, Arizona area, that's easy. Annuals. Petunias, like this one in the photo.

You can also count on flowers during the winter from Cape Honeysuckle, which is not an annual. In fact, Cape Honeysuckle looks great in the summer when no one in their right mind would want to visit you.

Your bulbs really won't bloom until February, which I guess is technically winter, but here it seems like spring. So you can include daffodils, freesia, and iris in the category of "winter bloomers", although I'd say late winter, or early spring. If you've planted bulbs, you will see a lot of strong growth and foliage right now, but your visitors will remain unimpressed if they arrive in January, because there is little chance of flowers. I have some narcissus (daffodils) that bloom as early as late November, but you really shouldn't count on bulbs to bloom that early.

Cape honeysuckle in bloom
If you want an instant effect of flowers, go to your local nursery and get a lot of annuals. Buy them in the cheap six-pack containers, plant them in rich potting soil with plenty of plant food, and water well. Don't bother buying annual flowers in the larger sizes, they grow like mad. And, here's a good tip, be sure that the six-pack you have has a couple of flowers in bloom of the color that you want. Of course it's best to buy plants that are small, not leggy, but if there's no bloom, you maybe disappointed later on when the color doesn't match the tag.

I planted a lot of petunias this year, all of them white. I like the "sparkling" effect that the white blooms have at night and it just seems more sophisticated, like. If you know what I mean.

So there you go. Go get some flowers!
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