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January 1, 2014

Artificial turf adjustments

I had artificial turf installed here at The Tropical Paradise in 2006 and it has been one of the best things I've ever done. Even after all of these years it still looks great. And the only maintenance that is has ever needed was to blow the leaves off every once in a while.

But something strange happened last year after some heavy rains. Along the edge, just in one place, it developed a dip. It's almost invisible to the eye, and that's the problem. I've watched people put their foot down and lose their balance there. It was caused by the puddling of water at one time and the fact that it is an area where people stand in one place more often than anywhere else. So it dipped down, or created a "swale".

This morning I pulled up the edge (which is held down by long, thick nails) and slid a bunch of sand underneath it. I jammed the sand in using a plastic trowel. It will probably settle some more, and I will need to add more sand. A tiny detail, but that's what gardening is all about.
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