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December 11, 2013

Ivy geraniums in Arizona

Even though geraniums grow well here in the Phoenix, Arizona area, I have resisted them as I had learned to dislike them from when I lived in California. I found that they had an unpleasant smell, and an unpleasant color and texture to the leaves. But now I have discovered something new: ivy geraniums.

This new type of geranium has the same spectacular blooms (by the way, it's December 11th today, and I just took the photo a few minutes ago) but the leaves are nice and glossy, and there is no "geranium smell". A friend of mine gave these to me a few weeks ago. It's nice to have experts for friends!

Ivy geraniums are difficult to find, but this one came from Home Depot. It was the last one they had, so people must be finding out about it. There were plenty of ordinary geraniums!

Yes, in addition to the other things I mentioned, this plant grows in a trailing way, like ivy. Hence the name, I guess. I like this. And I will learn to love geraniums again!
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