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December 29, 2013

Encouraging cape honeysuckle to flower in the winter

To get the most flowers on your cape honeysuckle, the best thing you can do is to leave it alone. All cape honeysuckle needs to bloom is some cool weather.

I attribute much of my success in getting my cape honeysuckle to bloom to the fact that the plants are in areas that are not easy for me to reach. I'm a neat gardener, and I like fussing with plants, and if you are, too, it may be the reason you aren't getting many blooms.

Keeping a cape honeysuckle bush neatly trimmed discourages flowering. So I have a tendency to let it get pretty rangy and then climb up the hill at the back of The Tropical Paradise and do some trimming. Just a few times a year does it.

Cape honeysuckle can be kept to any size, from just a few feet to towering over your walls, it's up to you. I keep mine fairly short, but mostly I leave it alone, especially during the winter! Should be a pretty spectacular flower show in January!
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