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November 19, 2013

What the Phoenix, Arizona area is like in November

The Tropical Paradise is in Glendale, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix. This is the Sonoran Desert, and it can get very hot in the summer. But from October through March is some of the most glorious weather on planet earth. I call it "Chamber of Commerce weather". Temperatures are in the high sixties and mid-seventies, with bright sunshine.

It's November, and this is the time of the year when winter visitors start arriving to get away from the snow and the cold back east. And if you're wondering if it's really true, that Phoenix is so nice, believe me, it is.

Yes, it's about the same as Southern California, but Phoenix is much cleaner. The freeways are not a nightmare, and there is still a friendly feeling of "the old west". OK, now I sound like the Chamber of Commerce!

One of the advantages to living here is that it doesn't rain much. Great for golf, or hiking, but not so good for plants. So I have an automatic watering system. I also do selective hand watering of bulbs and annuals.

There really isn't a lot to do in the garden here in November, except to sit back and enjoy it. When I have my coffee in the morning, I always think about the people who can only dream of being here. I live here.

Dang, I love it here!
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