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September 18, 2013

Is that a weed or a bulb sprouting?

One of the nice things about planting bulbs is that they will grow back year after year. It's September and I am seeing a lot of tiny sprouts here at The Tropical Paradise. But one of the frustrating things about bulbs is to know if it's a weed or not.

And while you can find lots of photos of plants on the web that are full grown and in full bloom, I have found precious little that tell me if a particular sprout is a weed, or a re-sprouting bulb. So here are some. They don't look like much now, I'll admit. But these are freesia sprouts, which will grow and have a beautiful bloom in the early spring. Google it. They smell great, too.

In the meantime, you can see why I really, really, don't want people walking onto the gardening bed. These sprouts are absolutely tiny. But since I know what they are, I will begin nurturing them by feeding them some Miracle Grow right away. And since I know they aren't weeds, I won't pull them up!

Freesia sprout, about four inches tall

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