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August 24, 2013

The trick to growing exotic plants in Arizona

The trick to growing exotic plants in Arizona is potting soil. Here in my garden in Glendale, Arizona (a suburb of Phoenix) I like to say that the plants aren't really planted in Arizona, they're planted in holes dug out of Arizona that were filled with potting soil.

My friends know what I want for Christmas, for my birthday, just to cheer me up. Potting soil. Over the years I've lived here, I have no idea how many hundreds of bags of potting soil I have used. And it really doesn't matter if it's the good stuff (Miracle Grow Moisture Control) or the cheap stuff from the dollar store. I can use all of the potting soil I can get.

So there you go. The clay soil of the desert is really only good for native plants. I dig a hole, remove the native soil, put it away in a pot that I can use if I need to build up a slope somewhere, pour in a generous amount of potting soil in the hole, and that's where the plants live.

Potting soil.
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