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May 19, 2013

Major repair around the watering system

I pride myself on keeping an eye on things in The Tropical Paradise, but this area had become a terrible mess before I noticed it. The spaghetti tubing had slipped off of the fitting on the trunkline (I'm suspecting a little dog did it while looking for her geckos!) and instead of delivering water where it should have, it blasted a huge hole here next to the wall. This morning I filled in the area with rocks, sand and concrete. I put the concrete in dry and then wetted it. I will continue to go back throughout the day and keep the area wet.

The watering system here at The Tropical Paradise is, for all intents and purposes, above ground. It's buried, but only a few inches, so I can always get to it. To me, that's the secret of success, being able to make sure that the watering system is functioning properly. I think I developed this way of thinking because of interest in aquariums early in life. Whenever you are dealing with water, you have to keep an eye on things.

A garden is always growing and changing. And because of that, the upkeep never ends. There is always something to do. Many people don't like this, but I do. This is a "puttering" or "tinkering" mentality. I find doing this kind of thing very therapeutic, and the side effect is a nice garden!
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