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April 3, 2013

Potting bench in The Tropical Paradise

This morning I am doing some potting. I am using this wonderful old little "tiki bar", which a friend of mine from California gave me this past January. Most of the time it functions as just a shelf, and bit of decoration to cover up a blank wall. But it's appropriate to use for potting, as it's the right height, and stray dirt can be easily cleaned off.

The trick that I have found to making good use of this type of space is to keep it clear. I have only one little plant that lives there all of the time (the dioon spinulosum cycad) but otherwise I try not to use this as a "storage area". It's tempting to fill an area like this with a lot of decorative junk, or to leave stuff there all of the time, but that defeats its purpose.

Today I will be digging up cannas that have grown too close to the edge, potting them, and then moving them into the courtyard. I really can't think of anywhere else I can plant them, but I just hate throwing the plants away. I have a lot of little plastic containers, some nice potting soil, and a beautiful morning. This is a true pleasure in my life.
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