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March 24, 2013

What to do with your neighbor's leaves

It was very windy yesterday, and like a lot of people in the valley, I was the recipient of a generous amount of my neighbor's leaves. I've seen this sort of thing create confrontations in otherwise quiet neighborhoods, with people somehow under the impression that the scattering of leaves is something that is under someone's control.

If you're ready to go confront your neighbor about their making a mess with their "darn tree", well, sorry, you are an idiot. If you live anywhere near trees, there will be leaves. The leaves will fall. Why am I explaining this?

Here at The Tropical Paradise, that steady supply of leaves, both from my trees and from my neighbors', has been a regular free supply of mulch. I have a small rechargeable leaf blower, and I just blow the leaves from the patio, and the artificial turf, up into the garden. Not only does it look great, the mulch helps to keep moisture in the garden, and to keep the soil cooler. And did I mention that it was free?

I have a neighbor with a huge tree that is shedding right now, providing me with exactly the kind of mulch that I would have to go pay for at Home Depot. I am very happy to get it.

Thank you, neighbor!

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