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March 12, 2013

Flowering bulbs that do well in the Phoenix, Arizona area

Just because a bulb is sold at your local nursery, or Home Depot, doesn't mean that it will do well here in the Phoenix, Arizona area. For the past twenty years I've been experimenting with just about anything I could find. I bought bulbs at dollar stores, online, etc. and just planted them. This is what I have learned:

The flowering bulbs that do best here in the Phoenix, Arizona area are:

• Iris. The purple kind, called "Bearded Iris". They grow practically like weeds, and given a little care, they bloom, and re-bloom, like crazy. That's one of them in the right foreground.

• Daffodils. Any kind does well here. I have found the grandiflora Narcissus does the best.

• Freesia. Wow - these are amazing! If you look closely at the picture, they're the ones that are tied to stakes. They bloom so much, and so heavily, that you have to stake them or they tip over.

• Hyacinth. There's one next to the iris. The re-bloom isn't that great, but the bloom is. And the smell is like heaven!

Another thing that I have learned is to keep blooming bulbs "front and center". They do best with plenty of water and sunshine, they love fertilizer, and they take a lot of tending to "deadhead" the spent flowers. Don't plant them where you can't easily reach them or they will tend to look ratty.

Flowering bulbs are a lot of work to care for. But when you see the blooms, you will see it's worthwhile!

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