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March 24, 2013

Cycad Dioon edule in Phoenix, Arizona

I have a lot of cycads here at The Tropical Paradise and by far my favorite is the Dioon edule.

I've had this one here for over ten years, and while it gets a bit of shade, it doesn't need as much as an ordinary sago palm (cycas revoluta). The one over to the right is a variety of Dioon edule called a "palma sola" which does even better.

Oddly enough, these are not readily available in the Phoenix area. I can't imagine why, they are beautiful and tough. During the big freeze we had in January, about all of the other plants around the dioons were badly damaged, they they hardly showed any damage at all. And they love the heat, too.

As for price, they are a little bit more expensive than an ordinary sago palm, but not ridiculously so. They are very slow-growing and this one really doesn't look all that much different than when I planted it.

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