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March 16, 2013

Caring for artificial turf

Here at The Tropical Paradise, the turf is artificial. I had it installed in 2006 and I just love it. The only maintenance it needs to be cleaned with a leaf blower every couple of weeks. I had one of those old, heavy, corded leaf blowers many years ago and it was, in addition to being terribly noisy, a terrible hassle. I had to go get the heavy duty cord from the garage, unwind it, etc. OK, call me lazy, but I have found a much better solution.

The blower I use now is a small, lightweight rechargeable one. You don't need to strap it on your back, you can easily hold it in one hand. I just "mowed the yard" a few minutes ago and it took me about five minutes. I store it in my spare room, go out and blow a few leaves away, and put it away. The whole process takes me about fifteen minutes. No, I don't anything else important to do this Saturday, but I just didn't like spending a lot of time taking care of the grass.

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