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March 16, 2013

Canna coming back after the big freeze in Phoenix, Arizona

It's March 16th and the cannas here at The Tropical Paradise are coming back strong. We had a very nasty hard freeze in January that knocked these plants right to the ground, but as you can see, they're coming back. In fact, maybe a little bit too well!

One of my weekend tasks will not be to thin them. Just like thinning carrots, the idea is to go through and cut back a few in-between plants to allow the rest of them more room to grow strongly. These canna, which are Canna Tropicanna, by the way, get to be about six feet tall and grow very strongly. I started with just a handful a couple of years ago, and like all bulbs, they multiplied.

Oh yeah, cannas love water and fertilizer, so give them plenty of both. Then stand back!

Cannas last summer here in The Tropical Paradise

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